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Electric maintenance turning gear for steam turbine (The lower part meshes)

The QJPC-S/X type turbine electric maintenance turning gear device is a specialized maintenance equipment used in the maintenance of steam turbines in large thermal power plants. When power plants shut down for maintenance of steam turbine units, the use of this equipment can improve the quality of maintenance, shorten the maintenance period, reduce manual labor intensity, solve the traditional method of using steel wire ropes to pull the turbine rotor, and improve safety in maintenance work.
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Product Features

Electric maintenance turning gear for steam turbine (The lower part meshes)(QJPC-X)

(1) Electric maintenance turning gear for steam turbine (The lower part meshes) is designed with stability and generosity, and the small gear of the trolley meshes with the large gear at the lower part of the cylinder split. It can rotate the rotor in both forward and reverse directions, continuously or by jogging.

(2) The equipment is fixed in the position of the original working turning gear device, and after being installed and fixed in place at once, all the work of turbine maintenance and measurement can be completed without any adjustment. And the turbine rotor is lifted out and into the cylinder without any obstacles.

(3) Pulling the clutch handle on the mobile box allows the turbine rotor to smoothly rotate when the gears mesh, and when the meshing gears are separated, the small gears can rotate freely, ensuring that the large gears on the turbine rotor can be driven and engaged with the small gears when entering the cylinder.

(4) After the turbine rotor is turned in place, the control box button can be pressed in reverse to release force, making it easy for the turbine rotor to be in a free state, ensuring that the measurement data is true and accurate. Due to the meshing of large and small gears at the lower part of the cylinder, the upper part of the large gear of the turbine rotor is completely exposed, making it easier for maintenance personnel to observe data and facilitate work.

(5)The QJPC-X electric maintenance turning gear for steam turbine (The lower part meshes) can be used for accident turning after shutdown when the main engine is turning on the top axle oil, without removing the bearing cover at the working turning gear of the steam turbine.

(6) The portable electronic control box is compact, lightweight, flexible to operate, and has a wide range of movement.

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