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Exciter shaft diameter oscillation measurement device

    The exciter shaft neck sway measurement bracket is used to support the exciter rotor during the exciter shaft neck sway measurement process, and is a special tool for exciter maintenance.
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Product Features
    According to the maintenance process requirements of nuclear power plants, after the connection between the exciter generator coupling is completed, it is necessary to remove the exciter rotor support bearing shells, use support rings or lifting ropes to support the rotor, and measure the circumferential runout of the shaft neck. The measurement time for the vibration of the exciter shaft neck is relatively long and the work needs to be continuous without interruption. The use of temporary support for the rotor by the crane and lifting rope will cause the crane to be occupied for a long time, affecting maintenance efficiency. Therefore, we have specially designed and manufactured the measurement dedicated bracket.

    The gate bracket is fixed on the split surface of the exciter bearing seat, and the rotor journal is supported by bearing shells. There is a gearbox adjustment mechanism on the upper part of the bracket, which can adjust the position of the bearing shells up, down, left and right to ensure that the bearing shells support the rotor, and then adjust the rotor position to the state when the bearing shells support it.

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